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Ask Juan

Hi! My name

is Juan.

  • Is Juanagrow safe for the environment?

Yes! Juanagrow is biodegradable, environmentally safe, sterile, inert, and organic.

  • Why is Juanagrow so great?

Simply put, EVERY grower wants more product at harvest to

build their business. Juanagrow facilitates that goal by

providing a substrate that -

- Increases root volume with more fine white root hairs to obtain a healthier and stronger plant which equates to increased plant quality and yield.

- Balances air/water ratio throughout the depth of the planting area.

- Provides for 60% water holding capacity by volume.

- Provides 37% air by volume throughout the media.

- Requires less irrigation means substantial water savings.

- Is pH neutralized to between 5.5 – 6.5.

- Cannot be over watered

- Can be used in fields, pots, or hydroponically; indoors or outdoors.

- Only requires your feeding/nutrition requirements, similar to other in-organic media.

- Has an extremely good water buffering ability in case of power failure or drought

  • Can Juanagrow be reused?

- Juanagrow can be used for as long as 7 years

- After use, Juanagrow can be dug into the garden as a water saver for your yard, garden, or plants

  • How much does Juanagrow weigh?

- Juanagrow is very lightweight, 20 Gr or .7 oz

  • Can you mix Juanagrow with soil?

- Yep, we recommend our proprietary JuanaCoCo which is a mixture of Juanagrow, Co Co fibers, and more.

  • Can I contact a Juanagrow specialist?

- Please do, we are here to help; see the contact page.

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